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Email Nyla Copp directly at:

Across town or across the country, I can help you find the aviary option best suited to you and your birds.

  • Where to look for a prefabricated aviary kit
  • How to build your own using a carport or canopy kit
  • Which materials are bird safe
  • What features can help protect against weather and predators. 

I can help you determine if your design or materials choice is practical for your particular needs and/or the needs of your flock and offer suggestions to help you save money.  Or let me design an aviary and send build drawings with a materials list.  And I'll be on hand via phone to help you.

Whether you are crafting a bird room or aviary - I can help source materials near to you or on the web. Wire cloth, insect screen, aluminum, bird safe hardware, plastic/acrylic sheets and more.

I consult on set-ups, inside and out, for special needs birds.  I have built and shipped custom items, primarily small to medium hanging or cage mount platforms for parrots with special needs.

I have also learned a whole heap of tips and tricks over the years for working with a variety of materials. I can help you work smarter, not harder.
  • Design Coordination
  • Design - Assist Services
  • Design - Build Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Source Materials
  • Recommendations for Specials Needs Birds
  • How to Work With Materials

Birdie Buddy can help you with:

Consulting Services