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Birdie Buddy


Time outside can be an important part of your Buddy's recovery.  Consult your avian veterinarian.


A vital component for your companion's respiratory and immune system health, it also promotes hormonal balance and helps alleviate stress.


". . . it surprises most people to learn that the air at home, where we eat and sleep and spend most of our time, is often dirtier than the air on highways or around industrial plants."

- UC Berkeley Wellness Letter - October 2004-

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An Outdoor habitat for your bird offers great environmental stimulation, as well as being a safe space to enjoy the direct sunlight that promotes vitamin D3 production.

Why Outside?

Birds have lived outside since coming into being. Giving your avian companion a safe and engaging outdoor space is an investment in his or her physical, mental and emotional health.

Birdie Buddy can help you get your bird outside to experience fresh air, real sunshine and the inherent benefits of a natural setting.

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