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Nyla and Orlando

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Parrot Festival 2014

"I had the opportunity to hear Nyla Copp speak at Parrot Festival 2014. She gave two presentations, Get The Flock Out and Out on a Limb. Nyla is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a stage presence that effortlessly captivates her audience. But the real magic is in her passion for enriching the environment of companion parrots both inside and outside the home. Nyla brings a fresh new perspective to the idea of getting our birds outside and gives parrot owners valuable tips that they can use in building their own aviaries. Out on a Limb motivated me to use some of the ideas Nyla presented to spruce up my own play areas as soon as I got home. If you have a chance to attend one of Nyla Copp's presentations, please do. You will be delighted with what you learn from her. 

                                                        - Kris Porter


"I had the great pleasure to attend a Phoenix Landing lecture, with guest speaker Nyla Copp, "Get The Flock Out!" in which she discussed the importance for the health of our parrots to provide them with time outdoors in the sunshine & fresh air. In her presentation Nyla shared invaluable tips and advice on design, materials and construction techniques for building aviaries, from simple to elaborate, from enclosing a porch or deck to building large free standing structures or small portable ones, and left the entire audience longing for their own aviaries for their birds.  - Laura Ford



Nyla Copp Speaking at Parrot Festival 2014

I spent over 25 years in the trades working construction and handiwork, theatrical productions, cabinetry, custom furniture and building mechanics. My attention and skills turned to companion birds when a critically ill lovebird found its way into my stewardship.  Under excellent avian veterinary care Orlando, as she became known, survived. For a strong recovery and continued good health, the veterinary directive was outdoor time.

I immediately got myself to work. Materials, resources and design proved more challenging than expected. With guidance from companion bird vets, behaviorists and experienced avian caretakers, the backyard aviary was, at last, completed and with it, a new career had begun.

Inspired by Orlando, I  specialize in enriched habitats for healthy, recovering and special needs birds. Safe, high quality outdoor environments are my passion and specialty.  My mission to get companion birds outdoors has included spreading the message at events and seminars including; American Federation of Aviculture, Parrot Festival, Phoenix Landing Foundation, Minnesota Companion Bird Association.

Birdie Buddy can bring the in & outs of aviaries and playstands to your bird club, parrot community or special avian event.

Get the Flock Out - Time outdoors is vitally important for companion birds. Get the Flock Out addresses why and how to create more healthful and enriching time outside for all the members of your avian family whether they are healthy, recovering or special needs birds.

Out on a Limb - Out of cage time is not only fun for companion parrots, it is absolutely necessary for their well-being and quality of life. Out on a Limb gives even beginning do-it-yourselfers some ideas and easy methods for creating natural wood perches and playstands that will expand a bird's opportunities for choice, play and socializing.

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