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Special Needs Parrots

Birdie Buddy knows that special needs birds benefit from outdoors, socialization and enrichment too. Every parrot should have the opportunity to be active and involved if they so choose or, just to perch and rest comfortably.

Whether it’s a habitat, a toy, perching options or a play stand, I take great care in designing and building for special needs parrots and derive great joy helping them live life to the fullest.

Birdie Buddy  can help you with:


An aviary provides the optimal in fresh air and sunshine and it can foster exercise, foraging skills and independent play. I can design and/or construct an aviary you and your parrots will enjoy for years to come.

Building your own aviary can be rewarding and cost effective but choices can be overwhelming. I can help you find the options that best suit your space, your budget and your skill set. I can even provide you with construction drawings and a materials list for a design we tackle together.

From consulting to pre-fabricated assembly or something built especially to suit your bird’s needs - Birdie Buddy is here to help you Get the Flock Out!

 A Variety of Services for You and Your Flock

Play Stands and Perches

Out of cage time can foster your parrot's skills for socializing, healthy independent activity and good behavior. For floor, table or wall. Rolling, swinging or swiveling. Indoor or outdoor. Play stands, perches and swings make out of cage time fun, enriching, physically and mentally stimulating for your bird.

Flighted birds need places to land, forage and play.  Birdie Buddy wall and hanging perches are convenient solutions.

Table top perches are easily moved for socialization time with you, your family or other bird companions.

I can build a play stand or perch to meet the needs of your parrot.  And it can certainly be beautiful for your home or workplace.That's a Birdie Buddy specialty.

Or, let me take you Out on a Limb as you design and create something especially for you and your Feathered Companions.

Repair, Refurbish and Redress

Do you have an aviary or bird room that is in need of a facelift?  Birdie Buddy can help you with that special remodeling or repair project.

Birdie Buddy can give your old play stand a new, more natural and versatile refurbish.

Whatever your repair or refurbishing needs are, Birdie Buddy can help you.

Bird Rooms

Your Buddy's indoor habitat can promote exercise, foraging and play as well. Birdie Buddy can help design a full room habitat that fits your home, your flock and your lifestyle.  

Have me build it or I can help you find bird safe materials - offering tips and tricks for using them -  as you design and build it yourself. Tap Birdie Buddy for thoughts of furnishing your bird room to meet the specific needs of the parrots in your home.

I can help you find a bird room solution with the features that engage your birds and provide you with the easiest possible maintenance.

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Repair, Refurbish & Redress

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