Birds are social creatures and often enjoy participating in your activities.

Play Stands & Perches where you work, play and relax reinforce that all important sense of flock.

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 A variety of environments in your home can enrich your Companion's life with choices for active engagement – playing, training, skritching - or just sharing a space with you as you read, eat, watch TV or work on the computer.

Birdie Buddy - Out on Limb

 social Time is Important to Your Companion.

Birdie Buddy Indoor Essentials Can Help.

Birdie Buddy knows that special needs birds benefit from socialization and enrichment too.  Let me design Your Buddy something special.

Even a large cage does not allow for sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Play Stands encourage exercise, socialization and provide increased foraging opportunities for Your Buddy's overall health and well-being.

" I wanted you to know that Sonny loves his new playstand! Thank you so much for building it for him."

Baffler or Refill Kit