Nyla, thank you again for another beautiful stand and the perches are gorgeous and she loves them even without toys on them. You have outdone yourself! - J Adams, CA

I REALLY want to thank you for the AviHang.  My sweet birdie absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVES it!!!  She hangs out there nearly all day, chirping, and singing, and swinging!  The other night I caught her falling back off one branch to hang upside down as she called out, "Wheeeee!" - V Laurie, MI


Thank you again so much! I really appreciate your help in making sure Bobber keeps his safe place - ST, Cadillac, MI

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I met Nyla in 2010 and from the moment I met her she exuded care, compassion and professionalism. Her commitment to the health and welfare of feathered folks is like no other. She listens to the needs of her customers, while always keeping the needs of the birds in mind. She is creative with coming up with ideas and/or solutions to meet both people needs and bird needs. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, whether it is building an aviary, making a perch, or making a toy, each task is just as important and gets the same level of craftsman excellence.- BS, Monmouth, OR

Nyla is a terrific, sensitive and creative person who understands many things and has many talents. 

I am impressed with her ability to take resources at hand and craft them into an environment that appeals to our birdie friends. She is a master of being able to create wondrous environments out of what is at hand and what is easily within reach.

I would highly recommend her services to any avian companion who wishes to enrich their

friend's environment and enhance their quality of life.  - LC, Redwood City, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I would have never gotten my flock outside without your knowledge and skills. It was a pleasure working with you. Please let me know if you ever want to use me as a customer reference.  - TN, San Jose, CA

Client Testimonials

I love the cage soooo much!  The drains, attached wheels, wrapped wire - all so perfect and make my life so much easier! Wow.

Nyla does fabulous work - she is on-time, does an excellent job, problem-solves with you, and makes the process a pleasure. I would be very happy to be a reference.  - RK, San Jose, CA

I became Birdie Buddy to help folk provide optimal quality of life and health for their avian companions. Every project – big or small - is intended to foster healthy bird activities and meet the needs of parrots and their people.

- Nyla Copp              

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