"He is loving the aviary--after you left he wanted to go out there again, stayed in it by himself and checked out almost everything – no squawking."


An outdoor habitat is not just about the beautiful sunlight and the cleaner air. It offers great environmental stimulation and is an important part of your enrichment program.

 Safely exposing a bird to the ever-changing scene out of doors stimulates their natural curiosity and helps them habituate to the changes that take place indoors.


For the cleaner air, real sunshine, and opportunity for exercise  & enrichment, time outside can be an important part of your Buddy's recovery.  Consult your avian veterinarian.


Birds were built for for flight! Their whole body works to accommodate flying. But even if your Companion doesn't fly - climbing, bouncing, and swinging provide other means to keep fit.

Exercise is a vital component for your Parrot's respiratory and immune system health. It also promotes a healthy weight, hormonal balance and helps alleviate stress.


In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

While pollutant levels from individual sources may not pose a significant health risk by themselves, most homes have more than one source that contributes to indoor air pollution. There can be a serious risk from the cumulative effects of these sources.

                              EPA Indoor Air Quality Booklet 2/2018

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Indoors, full spectrum lighting is popular however, the term full-spectrum is a marketing term, not an industry standard. The product we buy may have each wavelength of visible and/or UV light represented when the lamp is lit but, the spectral power  emitted by each wavelength varies from product to product.

An aviary for your bird is a safe space for them to enjoy the direct sunlight that most efficiently promotes vitamin D3 production for healthy bones and feathers.

Why Outside?

Birds have lived outside since coming into being. Giving your Avian Companion a safe and engaging outdoor space is an investment in his or her physical, mental and emotional health.

Birdie Buddy can help you get your bird outside to experience fresh air, real sunshine and the inherent benefits of a natural setting.

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